There are lots of ways you can have Kaleb or Fluffy be a part of your wedding day.

  • We can do a simple signing at my home or a convenient location
  • Basic ceremonies
  • MC for your reception

Or let’s get creative!

  • Custom ceremonies
  • Finding ways to include your children, chosen family or other loved ones in the ceremony
  • Themed weddings including costumes
  • Have Fluffy perform a number for your guests
  • Use Kaleb’s huge network for other drag performers, musicians, clowns, burlesque performers, DJs and more!
  • Destination weddings
  • Do a choreographed dance number
  • Add a trivia element to your day to challenge each other’s knowledge

And anything we can dream up together!

Want to know what else Kaleb + Fluffy do? Check out our other website here.

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