Got questions? I’ve got answers! Or I can at least point you in the right direction. The marriage act is provincial, meaning it’s not the same province to province, or in other countries. So information provided here is Ontario specific.

Who can Make it Official in Ontario?
Unlike what pop culture tells us, unfortunately in Ontario you can’t become a legal officiant on the internet. Only Judges, Justices of the Peace, City Clerks, or Officials licensed by the Province of Ontario to solemnize weddings can make it official. That’s me, an official licensed by the Province of Ontario!

Can my friend/family member/elder officiate the ceremony?
Absolutely (kind of)! You can have someone do the whole ceremony and have me there to do the legal signing to make it official. Or we can meet up at a separate time do do a signing, and the ceremony is all yours.

I’m having a destination wedding, can you come do weddings in any location?
I can come anywhere to do your ceremony! However if it outside of Ontario, it is easiest and best for you if we do the legal signing in Toronto.

We want to pick and choose what religious components we want to include, or want no religion at all, is that possible?
Yes! We will custom create the ceremony and rituals so it suits you and is meaningful. Whether you want to include aspects of different religions or no religion at all, we can work with you to make it perfect.

We’re polyamorous/non-monogamous, can our other relationship(s) be in the ceremony?
Certainly, you can have any member of your family be involved in the ceremony, including children. The legal part must be between two people, and there is no avoiding some of the legal components. But publicly, you can have anyone standing with you and participating.

I don’t use my legal name, can I avoid my legal name being said in the ceremony?
I gotchu. While your legal name has to be said in the final vows, we can arrange to do that part privately as part of the signing with your two witnesses. The public ceremony can be the names you use regularly.

Do you want the salmon or steak?
I’m vegetarian thanks, but don’t plan on paying for my meal! I’m there to Make it Official and will slip away to leave you to celebrate.

Soooo, you’re also a DJ and MC? Can we hire you for these things too?
Yes, I’m an experienced DJ and MC and we can discuss those parts of your wedding too! I also have a list of amazing wedding DJs if you’d like to ask for other suggestions

We’re ready, how do we book you for our wedding?
Email me! letsmakeitofficialTO@gmail.com

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